Facial Beauty Roller

The Bio M Facial massage roller consist of black tourmaline studs embedded in to a stylish easy to use facial roller. The facial roller has been induced with scalar energy using Nano technology and heat fusion methods to efficiently emit the powerful Nano scalar energy. The combination of tourmaline and the energized roller effectively helps to enhance the beautification process of the face.

Benefits of the Beauty Roller

Black tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone. It is thought to radiate the highest amount of natural healing energy of all the varieties. It has a slight but naturally-occurring electrical current running through it. This current takes the moisture that is present on the face and charges it with negative ions as well as producing far infrared rays. All of this occurs naturally without any additional chemicals or processes having to be applied to the mineral. This natural source of energy is believed to have beneficial effects when used to massage the face gently..

The Bio-M beauty roller helps to Improve Alkalinity, works as a natural Anti-bacterial agent, helps to tighten facial muscles, soothes the nerves, helps to get rid of scars on the face over time.

  • Anti bacterial (bacteria & oil causes of pimples, acne, black and whiteheads and clog pores)
  • Healing and cell regenerating(anti-aging)
  • Lightens pigmentation & scars (scars on body as well)
  • Improves immunity of skin (prevents breakouts)
  • Improves blood circulation – radiant skin, evens skin tone
  • Recharges and refreshes dull tired skin
  • Suitable for face & body (for all skin types)
  • Combats acne and pimples
  • Relaxes facial and neck muscles
  • Softens dark under eye circles & drooping eyelids