FAQs about Bio-M®

What is bio magnetic therapy?
How Does It Work?
Could it all be in my mind?
How can I be sure?
I am under medication. Will the therapy affect it?
Can you use it all the time or only when you are in pain?
How long will the magnets last?
Can the bracelet be used by anyone?
How long will it be before I notice any effects?
What can I expect when I first start using the bracelet?
Why has my doctor so far not offered me this treatment?
The possibilities of the Bio magnetic bracelet and the success achieved with it "sounds too good to be true". Perhaps they are visions of a new treatment method developed by professor in a science fiction movie?
That's where you are wrong, it is not surprising that the therapy is often wrongly described and its possibilities are underestimated and misunderstood. Most people are skeptical about this therapy. But in most cases they quickly learn to appreciate its effects. Some people assume that it is necessary to believe in magnetic therapy for it to have an effect. This is not the case, Years of testing with positive results has shown that if you use the therapy, you can be freed of your pain or suffering, whether you believe it or not.